​EES is a supplier of geogrids which are deformed or\non-deformed grid like polymeric material formed by intersecting ribs joined at the junctions. The fundamental working mechanism is by friction. In the extruded grids provide a confining effect over the soil particles which can lodge in the openings of the grid itself.

Currently there are three types of geogrids: Extruded, Woven and Bonded.

  • Extruded geogrids are flat structures in polymer (usually high-density polyethylene or polypropylene) that are extruded and then pulled.  This action may be done in one direction (uniaxial geogrids), or in the two main directions (biaxial geogrids). These two methods are used in soil and road paving reinforcement.
  • Woven Geogrids are flat structures in the shape of a net made of high module synthetic fibers, that may also be coated with a further protection layer, using synthetic material (usually PVC or another polymer).
  • Bonded Geogrids are flat structures, where two or more series of strip elements made of polyester coated with polyethylene, are linked at regular intervals by means of bonding. 

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